Guest columnist, Veronica Clark: What the world needs now is hope, not hatred

Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom answers energy questions in the House of Commons,Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom answers energy questions in the House of Commons,
Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom answers energy questions in the House of Commons,
It's as though the world has gone slightly mad. As though it's having some sort of breakdown, going through a dramatic change, or is caught up in a crisis.

On our home turf we have had backstabbing politicians with their eyes on the prize of being PM. Meanwhile, over the pond there’s been senseless shootings on the streets of Dallas. It just makes you wonder where it will all end.

Back in Blighty, things aren’t quite as terrifying, but here we have a crisis all of our own making.

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We’re out of Europe. It feels like riding a bike with no brakes down a steep hill into uncertainty. Those who fervently spearheaded the Brexit campaign now seem to have taken a step back into the shadows, claiming ‘their work is done’. But it isn’t. If you helped get us to this point in the first place then at least have the decency to stick around to help clear up the mess.

Also, if you stretched the truth to convince people to vote out then have the guts to admit it. But no, because politicians don’t work that way, do they?

And then there’s Tony Blair and Chilcot. The man who made the decision to take us into an unnecessary war with Iraq. Guess what? It turns out there were no weapons of mass destruction after all, they just wanted rid of Saddam Hussein.

They got their wish, but at what cost? The slaughter of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens and the loss of our brave British soldiers lives. But we didn’t need a report to tell us that. The decision to invade Iraq had already been taken by decision makers who still have blood on their hands.

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Then we had the circus that was the Andrea Leadsom leadership bid.

She made Margaret Thatcher look like Snow White, a woman who doesn’t support gay marriage because it might, and I quote, ‘offend Christians’. I’m sorry love, but if Christians are offended by two people so in love that they want to make a commitment to one another then they aren’t very Christian, are they?

What’s needed now more than ever before is tolerance. To live and let live. We need to accept that everyone has the right to live their life how and with whom they choose.

I’m sure most wouldn’t agree with her. But she didn’t stop there. No. Leadsom also said we should bring back fox hunting to ‘help with animal welfare’.

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I think you better get your coat, love, because 1970 is calling - it wants you back.

So, who to believe, and how to move forward? With race hate crimes on the increase following Brexit, I truly despair what kind of future our children face.

What we need now is hope, not hate.