Guess how much we lose down sofa back each year?

Sofa so good: quids in after settee search
Sofa so good: quids in after settee search
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Staggering £155 million across Britain! That's three Lamborghinis. Or 75,000 Freddos.

The average household loses an average of £5.77 in coins with those in East Midlands losing most. They find an average of 32p every time they search their sofas, compared to Londoners who get back just 5p.

The survey for furniture manufacturer unearthed other common items we lose in the furniture. They include food (39.4 per cent) TV remotes (39.5 per cent) and toys (23.2 per cent).

Others admitted to finding mouldy pizza, dead mice, used condoms and other people's undies.

A worrying 27 per cent admitted only cleaning behind the couch cushions less than once a month. That is despite 40 per cent of respondents spending between three and four hours slumped on the settee each day.

A lazy 10 per cent of the 2,000 people surveyed admitted spending up to six hours on the sofa each day while five per cent of people surveyed in Wales put in seven hours.Distinctive

Chesterfields director Steve Laidlaw said: "No one likes to lose their hard-earned possessions. But at least having recognised the couch as the most likely culprit, we know where to begin our search."


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