Guatemalan’s relish for Sheffield’s iconic Henderson’s

Henderson's Relish . Davide Gard
Henderson's Relish . Davide Gard
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NO Sheffield tea table is complete without it - and it seems the city’s most popular sauce even delights the tastebuds of diners from as far away as South America.

Davide Garda, from Guatemala, was introduced to Henderson’s Relish by Chapeltown resident Michael Rickards, after the pair met in Barcelona, Spain.

When Davide revealed a love of Worcestershire Sauce, Michael, aged 27, recommended the superior Henderson’s, and regularly sent him bottles afterwards.

Davide persuaded his mum to add it to meals back home in Guatemala, giving their dishes an authentic South Yorkshire kick.

And on his first visit to the UK, Michael took him on a special trip to the Henderson’s Relish factory on Leavygreave Road in Sheffield city centre, where they even got the chance to meet the firm’s managing director, Dr Kenneth Freeman.

Afterwards Davide said he ‘really enjoyed’ seeing the place where his favourite condiment is made, and learning about the history of the sauce.

Michael, a builder, said he met Davide four years ago while at a music festival in Barcelona with his partner, dental nurse Laura Cook, 24.

“We got talking and he said ‘You guys from the UK have this great sauce called Worcestershire Sauce’,” he said.

“He said he loved this English sauce called Worcestershire Sauce, and I had a bit of banter with him and said he should try Henderson’s Relish. So, when we came home, I sent him a bottle of Henderson’s and he loved it.”

Michael added: “I sent him at least two bottles a year, for his birthday and Christmas, and if he’s run out I’ll send him a couple. He told his mum to put it in his food in Guatemala!”

Thick, meaty stews feature heavily in Guatemalan cuisine, as well as cold salads - perfect for livening up with a dash of Henderson’s, made largely from vinegar but given flavour with spices, blended in a closely-guarded secret recipe.

Davide said: “There’s a lot of recipes that call for something like Worcestershire Sauce, but I traded it in for Henderson’s Relish because it’s way better.”

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