Guard rescued from burning workshop

Car damaged in blaze at car repair shop in Sheffield
Car damaged in blaze at car repair shop in Sheffield
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A security guard was rescued from a burning building in Sheffield today by firefighters who alerted him to the blaze.

He was alerted to the blaze by firefighters who arrived at the burning building on Holywell Road, Grimesthorpe, Sheffield, at 12.30am yesterday.

Blaze in car repair shop in Sheffield

Blaze in car repair shop in Sheffield

But he was unable to get out of the office because he ended up locked inside, leaving firefighters having to break down the door.

Once the security guard was outside four firefighters entered the burning, smoke-filled workshop and used jets to douse the flames.

An aerial ladder platform was deployed to the scene because of fears the flames would spread to the roof, but crews on the ground managed to bring the blaze under control before there was any significant damage caused to the structure of the building.

An investigation into the cause of the fire is underway, but investigators suspect it started in one vehicle inside the workshop before spreading to surrounding cars.

Group manager Mick Mason praised crews for bringing the blaze under control so quickly.

“When crews arrived the building was well alight, but they first had to rescue a security guard from an office at the back of the car repair shop,” he said.

“He was locked inside and had not realised there was a fire.

“Firefighters broke down the door to get him out and he was unharmed.

“Four firefighters with breathing apparatus and jets then went inside and managed to contain the fire to preserve the fabric of the building.

“In the end a number of vehicles were damaged by fire, but the building itself suffered only smoke damage.

“There was the potential for this to have become a really severe fire with the cars having fuel tanks which could have exploded.

“There were also a number of acetylene cylinders and, if the fire had reached them, we would have needed a 200 metre cordon around the workshop.”

Firefighters from Darnall, Elm Lane and Central stations all dealt with the incident.