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I was wondering if when people apply for a bus driving job, they are given tests on how they react with passengers or is it just driving skills?

The reason I ask is that travelling on two buses yesterday I saw both sides of the coin.

On a trip from Sheffield to Crystal Peaks the driver greeted every passenger getting on the bus and thanked them when they got off.

On the other hand I was returning from Crystal Peaks and as always I thanked the driver only be to totally ignored.

I commented to my wife what an ignorant driver, (being polite), he was. A few stops on half a dozen students got on and I heard the last young girl say to the driver, in a polite manner “Pardon”,only to be ignored by the driver. As she was moving away from the driver, once again she said “Pardon”,only this time to be told in a very nasty manner “I’m singing to myself”.I heard this response halfway down the bus and it was obvious the young girl was very upset.

I reckon when bus companies have competitions for “best bus driver” there can’t be many nominations.

Perhaps there should be a sign on the driver’s cab stating “Don’t talk to me I’m a grumpy ,miserable s*d.

And before replies start rolling in from drivers’ wives, yes there are some very friendly helpful and civil drivers.

Dave Mitchell

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