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I would like to congratulate The Star on its coverage of the news that air quality is deteriorating in Sheffield, especially in the east end of the city.

It is a measure of the progress that we have made that emissions control systems in steel making are now more effective than vehicle exhausts.

However that is scant consolation for those residents suffering from respiratory problems.

We do need to debate how to fairly allocate increasingly scarce resources and services to those who are getting left behind as the city gets richer. I note that people living in Darnall have a third of the income of those in Ecclesall while having three times the death rate.

So I welcome the start that the Sheffield Fairness Commission has made in taking evidence on these issues and I look forward to hearing more from them.

I have to say, however, that I was very disappointed to receive a slew of leaflets edited by the local Lib Dem candidate, Iltaf Hussain, that try to claim that the current administration is being partial in its allocation of resources to help the north east of the city

This despite the fact that the current Lib Dem-dominated South Community Assembly have themselves diverted £16,000 earmarked for Gleadless Valley.

It would be far more constructive if Lib Dem candidates in Nether Edge and Central joined with other parties to attract much-needed external investment and services to the specific area of the Abbeydale Road Corridor, rather than fight over the division of a cake that is getting smaller and smaller because of central government cuts.

This is not the time to set the comparatively well-off south of Sheffield against the north and east of the city.

Can we please all try some grown-up (and joined-up) politics for a change ?

Simon Landau, Talmont Road, S11