Group takes the plunge

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A group of fundraisers are taking the plunge for charity - literally!

The nine-strong group is preparing for a skydive to raise money for the Sheffield-based City Hearts charity, which helps victims of human trafficking build new lives for themselves.

City Hearts provides support and accommodation for victims when they have been rescued from enforced prostitution and slave labour.

It offers counselling, help with medical and legal proceedings, and assistance in starting new lives.

Though founded in Sheffield, the project now has bases in three cities.

Jen Baker, of City Hearts, said; “I’m terrified to jump, but I’m passionate about helping victims of trafficking.

“We see victims of trafficking every day who have been taken out of horrific situations, so we are willing to do anything to help them – even jump 15,000ft out of a plane.

“We’re hoping to raise over £4000 so we can help even more victims find freedom.

“Our aim? Loving people back to life. So many people who come in through our doors are so broken – it’s amazing to see the difference in their lives even just after a few weeks.”

Pastors from Hope City Church, based at the Megacentre, Hyde Park, Sheffield, are also taking part in the jump in Lincolnshire on July 23 along with the Megacentre director Louise Davies.

City Hearts is the Megacentre’s registered charity.

It runs three houses for victims of human trafficking and one house for young women with life controlling issues.

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