Group donates last funds

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A COMMUNITY group in Rotherham has decided to wind up its bank account and donate the remaining funds to a local activity centre.

Members of Swinton Bridge Action Group have presented a cheque for £2,000 to staff at Swinton Lock Activity Centre, which will support the operation of the facility’s two canal barges.

Coun Ken Wyatt, who represents Swinton, said the action group has delivered ‘considerable improvements’ in the area.

“I am very pleased the remaining funds are being spent in the local area for community benefit,” he added.

Giles Brearley, chairman of SBAG, added: “The group raised funds, carried out clean-up activities, built a rockery on Bridge Street and acted as a pressure group to seek improvements to the canal spur.

“Considerable external funding was attracted to the area. Following much intense lobbying and hard work the waterway authority has taken on responsibility for previously neglected areas.”