Group calls for more action to protect the environment

Normally the Peak District National Park is visited by outdoor enthusiasts looking for a quiet day in the countryside.

Monday, 10th June 2019, 2:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 11th June 2019, 3:09 pm
Peak District Against Fracking calls for more action by the government to protect the environment.

But, to highlight a campaign, more than 150 people from across the region gathered at the famous Mam Tor Ridgeline to send a loud and clear message to the powers-that-be on environmental issues affecting the planet.

Co-organiser of Peak District Against Fracking, Dominic Swords, said the inaugural event aimed to raise awareness on issues such as climate disruption and the need to protect our water, air and soil.

He said: “Protecting the environment is always close to our hearts. We have children in their 20s and we know how important the future is for the generation.

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“We want to create an event to show support for climate improvement with the involvement of a wide range of people right across political group and community.

“We want to create a community expression of our concern for our future.”

Dominic, an economist aged 63, said those who attended the gathering called for the Government and private companies to do more to combat climate change.

“We think the politicians, the Government and the companies need to invest in renewable energy and invest more in research and development in recycling and new products which are more sustainable for our environment.

Peak District Against Fracking calls for more action by the government to protect the environment.

“We want them to step up the pace to change this.”

Dominic’s wife, Sara Swords, who also co-organised the event said they were concerned about the lack of action from the government despite stark warnings about climate change and pollution, which is destroying the wildlife and countryside.

She said: “We wanted to host an event that would bring people together in a positive way, yet to be powerful enough to grab people’s attention.

“It was amazing to see so many people turn out and it proves that our local community is concerned about environmental issues and want to have their voices heard.”

Peak District Against Fracking calls for more action by the government to protect the environment.

The gathering, which lasted for over an hour, also saw the participants get involved in conversations on how to protect the environment and the young people say how much they want to cut pollution.

“There was also a performance by African drumming group called The Kontanni band and Kukua who created fantastic positive energy,” said Dominic, adding that a similar event could be held in the future given the positive turnout.

The gathering was supported by a number of community and environmental groups including Friends of The Earth Sheffield.

It also saw the crowd linking arms on Mam Tor, and their colourful banners created a visual display that could be seen all across the valley.