Grieving Barnsley mum has ring made out of dead sons’ ashes

Brothers killed by fire
Brothers killed by fire
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The mum of two young boys killed by fire has had their ashes made into a ring she says she will wear for the rest of her life.

Claire Throssell lost her sons Jack, aged 12, and Paul, nine, after a blaze at their dad’s house on Tennyson Close, Penistone, Barnsley.

Their dad Darren Sykes, 44, also died in the horror blaze last October, which is believed to have been started deliberately.

Police are not looking for anyone in connection with the incident.

Describing the ring, Claire said: “It’s another part of the boys I will keep for ever.

“The first ring placed on that finger was given with love along with a dozen red roses and champagne. But the roses just like the love shrivelled and died and the champagne was no longer bubbly but flat.

“Those rings have been sold and the money used to buy something that is priceless - a few last pieces of my boys for ever on show behind the glass facade.

“I have deliberately put the boys on that finger because in that finger there is a vein that runs directly to the heart hence the reason wedding and engagement rings are placed on the third finger of the left hand.

“This ring can never be a symbol of love and hope for a future together but it will always be a symbol of love shared between Jack, Paul and I which will last throughout time to infinity and beyond. Whilst I will grow old as time moves on they will remain the same in my ring for ever.”