Green space is what makes us stand out

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How right Dr Rotherham is when it comes to Sheffield City Council’s obligation to protect our green spaces.

Green space is what makes Sheffield stand out from the crowd, as well as providing recreational opportunities galore, from birdwatching to walking.

Sheffield City Council owns the greenbelt land that South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue propose to destroy and develop at Bowden Housteads .

The application should be thrown out with short shrift as there are numerous articles and statements of intent already in place that protect this land in perpetuity.

If this land is developed, I would say that it makes a clearcut case that Sheffield City Council can no longer be trusted with any environmental issues.

Jack Scott, the member of our council for the environment, is very quiet on this issue.

Why is he not standing up and protecting the interests of his portfolio?

Has he felt his party whip?

Lee Swords