Green sack system ‘just rubbish’

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A NEW green waste service in Sheffield has been criticised for setting a strict six-bag limit per household.

Residents across the city have found ‘Too Many Sacks’ stickers on bags left behind by Veolia Environmental Services.

Veolia also says it cannot give a collection date – only a week when the bags will be removed.

Critics say it means streets could be littered with green bags for up to a quarter of every month.

John Applegarth of High Storrs Road said: “My neighbours put no bags out, yet my seventh was left. I don’t understand the logic. And why can’t an efficient organisation give a collection date?”

Veolia’s website says reductions in local authority funding mean it cannot afford to run the service except between April and November, or provide reusable sacks, or give a specific date, or collect more than six bags.

The green sack limitations come after plans to allow everyone in Sheffield to choose how to use their blue bin were last month shelved – because the council and Veolia had not reached an agreement over the cost.

Yet currently, houses in some areas can decide whether to go back to using their blue bin for paper. Their U-turn was permitted after the introduction of a box for paper, with a ‘hat’ to keep the rain out, proved unpopular. But tens of thousands of households are still waiting.

A Veolia spokesman said: “The change is on hold due to a cross-party councillors’ review. No decision will be taken until the review is concluded.”