This greed is sickening

The council are asking residents what they think of their proposals to cut down most of the trees in my area, Nether Edge. It's a bad idea, I'm sure many of your readers will agree, here's are my comments,

Friday, 16th December 2016, 4:53 am
Updated Saturday, 17th December 2016, 8:18 am
Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield

To anyone with even half their brain functioning this whole proposal appears a scam.

Sheffield is renowned for its green leafy suburbs and pleasant tree-lined avenues. Many of us non-Sheffielders have decided to remain in the city after university directly because of the standard of living offered by its green and pleasant suburbs.

The council’s Unitary Development Plan, since inception, has held the city’s green credentials as its top priority, espousing this as one of the main reasons for inward investment to come to the city.

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For many people like myself, Sheffield is defined by its tree-lined avenues especially for those who can see them in the road outside their houses like me.

We all would consider moving from the city if the trees were removed.

The actual reason given to remove the trees is not sufficient, most are cited as damaging the pavement.

This is a blatant attempt for a private contractor to save costs.

Once you’ve chopped the trees down they’re gone, the character has changed irrevocably.

If you are so strapped for cash have a good look in the SCC ‘Unusable Reserves’ account and use some of the £400 million of taxpayers’ money stashed there.

The chief executive of the council gets paid £216,000 a year and the total salaries of the top seven council executives comes to £1,070,000. Get them to put their hands in their pockets.

Craig Andrews

by email

Fly-tippers plague estate

Thanks to Jack Scott & Co demolishing houses on the Arbourthorne Estate, we are now plagued by people fly-tipping.

Come on Coun Scott, take a look at this estate like you used to when you wanted our votes.

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