Great night by Park Academy

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Can I applaud the young people and staff from Park Academy and the feeder schools whose production of Canned Heat in my Heels was a fantastic night of dance and entertainment.

Like the rest of the audience of parents, families, staff and governors who attended, I was bowled over by the enthusiasm and dedication of the young people from our area.

As someone said ‘I came to watch a dance but saw a West End production’. If these young people are a sample of our future it’s certainly bright. It’s great that they are allowed to express themselves in such a wonderful arena with so much energy. Without children our country has no future.

Coun Terry Fox, Park Academy Governor

Hell bent on homes demolition

I live in a 5M flat-roof house in Arbourthorne that Labour was hell bent on pulling down, only to find out they’ve got their sums wrong.

In 2004 they said our homes were crumbling and would have to come down. Up to 2011 200 homes were demolished. Then Labour found the money allocated for the rest to come down had run out.

I asked if the council would modernise our homes but got no reply.

I’ve found a way of getting our homes done up. An old chap who lived on his own has moved, leaving the house empty. As soon as he moved out the council moved in to fit new kitchens etc. So all we need do is vacate our homes and they will fix them up.

George Day