‘Great evil’ must be stamped out everywhere in the world

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I think Sir James Munby, the most senior family court judge in England and Wales, should be congratulated for his comments about the ‘great evil’ of female genital mutilation.

He has urged local authorities to be proactive and vigilant in taking measures to prevent girls being subjected to this barbaric practice and he is quite right too.

He is also correct in pointing out that the courts alone cannot eradicate it.

It stems from the culture in some parts of Africa and the Middle East and has nothing to do with faith.

It is illegal in this country, though no one has been prosecuted, and tragically it is estimated that about 60,000 girls under 14, who were born in England and Wales, may be at risk of FGM or have already been cut.

It can have devastating physical and psychological consequences and it is good news that a clinic has been opened in London by two doctors after they noticed an increase in young patients with suspected FGM.

As well as helping those already mutilated they hope to protect others at risk.

Education that this is unacceptable behaviour in today’s society is the key and potential victims must be encouraged and supported to ask for help and protection.

Some are flown thousands of miles back to their family’s homeland for this butchery but others are cut here.

It should not be happening anywhere in the world and must be eradicated.

Amjad Bashir

UKIP Communities spokesman and MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire