Grass cutting improvement after teething problems

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Plans are in place to improve grass cutting and hedge trimming on roads around Sheffield - after ‘initial teething problems’.

Council highways contractor Amey has recruited 36 local people into its grounds maintenance team, bringing the total up to 54.

The number is three times more people than were employed by the council’s old Street Force department on the same activity.

Amey said there have been some ‘initial teething problems’ while the teams have been trained, but that its teams are expected to be ‘up to speed by the end of the month’.

Chris Morris, operations director at Amey, said: “Across the city we look after more than two million square metres of grass verges and 178,000 metres of hedges. Of course, we want to keep everything ship shape.

“We’ve recruited a lot of new people, including apprentices, and they are working with our more experienced staff to get to know the job and the challenges it presents.

“This has meant we have fallen behind and we aren’t delivering the high standard of service we aim to – and we are sorry about that.”

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