Grasp the nettle

As Carbrook Hall is a failed pub, cannot not those Civil War replica items it contains - worth little - end up in a new location where they belong, ie The Old Queen's Head or Bishops House where the late John Brown of the Friends Group wanted them?

Monday, 13th February 2017, 6:23 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:49 am

Or will they end up a skip or elsewhere? Woudn’t be the first time. Shame on you Sheffield if you don’t act.Somebody grasp the nettle.

Ron Clayton


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Council debates

Campaigners who have spent weeks and months collecting thousands of signatures for petitions in order to get matters such as Sheffield trees and the proposed redevelopment of Sheffield Central Library properly debated at a dedicated full council meeting, may be interested to know that gathering the required 5,000 signatures to force a full council meeting is not actually required given that five councillors can call a full council meeting under the council’s constitution to discuss any matter.

In addition, any individual councillor can ask written questions on any matter at full council.

Are elected members of either of the two largest parties afraid of the party whip to such an extent that they are afraid to use these two democratic tools in the interests of their constituents?

Martin Vaughan


Praise for the Blades?

May I have a line or two to congratulate the Blades in achieving 60 points this season, thus ensuring another season in league division one (2017-2018), making it seven years in all?

Pete Godfrey


Don’t be a mug

I read a blog written by Hannah Meccreesh about the homeless girl she felt sorry for and was taken in by her plight, saying that it does look more realistic on a cold and rainy day.

On the other hand we have in this city a perfectly good council that would have provided food and shelter especially for a lone female, so instead of providing food and a hot drink get a grip Hannah and give advice, not hand outs, in other words don’t be a mug.

EB Warris

by email

Radio presenters

In what way is Rony Robinson a superior radio presenter than Paulette Edwards?

Now Radio Sheffield’s format has changed Monday to Friday, (Paul Kenny, Letters, February 6), I turned Radio Sheffield off after 7am due to the unfunny Tobey Foster and Rony Robinson, Paulette is livelier and plays some decent music, as for Rony Robinson becoming political, I and many more would say a closet Tory, his show is suited for Sunday morning before 10am.

S Ellis

Cottenham Road, S65

Valentine thoughts

This Valentine’s Day, couples everywhere will be looking forward to a romantic night out to focus on each other and enjoy time away from hectic daily life.

For parents caring for a life threatened or terminally ill child, life doesn’t stop on 14 February. Many are unable to head out for a relaxing meal due to the complexities of their child’s condition and finding a babysitter can be next to impossible when your child is so ill.

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity supports over 2,000 families who are caring for a child with a life threatening or terminal illness. We help these families however we can to make life a little bit easier, as they face the reality that their child might not get better.

Our nine teams of specialist Family Support Workers will be busy this Valentine’s Day providing emotional and practical support to parents. They can give parents rare time together, as well as making sure that brothers and sisters don’t feel left out by organising fun activities for them.

Please make a donation to Rainbow Trust, to help us support even more families and give parents the break they truly deserve this Valentine’s Day. Just visit or text RAIN18 £3 to 70070 to make a £3 donation.*

Anne Harris

Director of Care Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

*By donating via SMS donors agree to be contacted via SMS message by Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

Rotherham sentence

No child should ever have to experience what these two young women went through, and having carried around their experiences for more than a decade, their abusers have now been brought to justice and jailed for a total of 81 and a half years.

Child sexual exploitation is a complex and hidden crime. Young people often trust their abuser and don’t fully understand what is happening to them. They may even depend upon the person carrying out the abuse or be too scared to tell anyone what’s happening. This case serves as an important reminder that we should all be playing our part to make sure children are safe in our communities, and to report any concerns we have.

Looking out for children is a responsibility we all share, and hopefully the sentence handed down to these men today will show victims that it is never too late to come forward, and someone will always be there to listen to you. The NSPCC can support and guide you to ensure your concerns are listened to and where necessary action is taken to protect children.

These men systematically abused these young women, using them for their own sexual gratification, they were plied with drugs and alcohol and subjected to horrific abuse, because they were pressured and felt like they had no choice..

Now that these men are behind bars and justice has been done, I hope this will encourage other victims of abuse to come forward and speak out. No matter how much time has passed, we will listen.

The NSPCC has a service centre in Sheffield and members of our team are working closely with colleagues in Rotherham to share good practice and make a positive contribution to their work with vulnerable young people. Sexual abuse can affect young people in all kinds of ways, and we are there to help them and their families.

Our helpline is there 24 hours a day for adults wishing to report concerns about a child or they can email [email protected], and young people who need to talk to someone about anything that is bothering them can contact Childline at any time on 0800 1111 or visit

Fiona Richards

NSPCC Regional Head of Service for Yorkshire and the Humber