Grant will extend support scheme

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City homeless charity Emmaus Sheffield has been awarded £19,000 by the Nat West Skills and Opportunities Fund, to extend its work with disadvantaged men and women.

Emmaus Sheffield is a community where formerly homeless men and women live in quality, self-contained accommodation with support, training and work enabling them to restore their dignity, self-respect and confidence and to analyse problems that have led to their homelessness.

The grant aid from Nat West will help to fund a new a new 18 month project - The Pathway to Independence and Work for Homeless Men and Women - aimed at helping up to 36 people.

The project will focus on removing barriers to achieving work and financial skills by providing further training, support and education during the critical transition period between living in Emmaus and returning to independent living and work.

Emmaus deputy manager Charley Fedorenko said: “With this extra and extremely welcome funding we will be able to provide education and support with one-to-one training, group learning, and on the job training in managing finances within the community.”