Grandad's reply to the Prime Minister

So Mr David Cameron, rattled by IDS' open revolt, is now asking us to think about our grandchildren in the European Referendum.

Friday, 8th April 2016, 6:01 am
Updated Friday, 8th April 2016, 6:06 am
David Cameron

The same David who supposedly brought about major changes supporting his reasons to stay as a member of the EU.

My grandchildren could have done better.

No Mr C, it’s because of my grandchildren that I will be voting OUT, as it appears will be a majority of expats living abroad stating that Brussels is a monstrosity of bigoted unelected, (quote), idiots causing unworkable relationships.

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There is more chance of Sheffield United playing a Premier league derby match in 2018 than the EU NOT encouraging another referendum as happened with Ireland, should we have voted to leave.

Then the EU reforms that will definitely be offered will clearly show how pathetic Mr C’s efforts were, which I feel were grossly insulting to the intelligence of many people and not just those who wanted OUT.

We never voted for this level of progressive political union but even right from the start of the Common market our industries began to rapidly contract, steel, mining, fishing, to name three.

Before all this even the poorest families could comfortably afford a Sunday roast, get a doctor’s appointment (even a visit) on the same day, treated within an hour at accident and emergency, we progressed better on some of the A and B routes than some of today’s motorways, all this having been taught at school with English as the principal language.

These memories are almost unbelievable to our grandchildren.

Next it will be London Stock Exchange that will be controlled by Berlin, and in Euros.

This change is already in progress.

It won’t be long before it’s third time lucky for Germany and in Europe the rich get much richer whilst the poor stay poor.

It could be that we learn from experience how once a proud nation like Greece has paid dearly using the Euro within the EU.

I suspect our own children and grandchildren if possible will start to leave in droves but most likely not to the European continent where peace and stability will, I’m afraid always be a dream.


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