Graduate threat

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Britain faces creating a lost generation of graduates unless employers step up the creation of initiatives such as internships and training programmes, according to a new survey of human resources directors.

The survey, by OfficeTeam, which specialises in recruiting administrative and office professionals, says HR directors are most worried about the lack of entry-level jobs, followed by high unemployment rates and too few internships.

OfficeTeam says they are worried that if graduates cannot get entry level jobs, it will cause problems throughout the employment ladder, with people at higher levels failing to get promotion because of a shortage of appropriately skilled employees to take their place.

OfficeTeam says only a fifth of HR directors expect educational funding cuts and rising tuition costs to have a negative impact on younger workers’ job prospects.

HR directors from public sector organisations were the most concerned about current economic prospects, with two thirds saying they would have a negative impact on graduates.

Phil Booth, director of OfficeTeam’s UK operations, said: “There have been a number of situational changes in the UK that many see as directly impacting new graduates’ chances of gaining employment.

“It’s imperative that employers create opportunities for graduates to ensure we avoid a lost generation of talent that will impact the modern workforce for years to come.”