Government’s view too simple

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WHICH comes first – jobs or growth? The answer is simple. Private sector companies invariably try to grow without taking on more workers until they have to – and then, they look for people with the skills they need.

Unfortunately, that’s too simple for our Government to understand.

It persists with the belief that manufacturing can save the British economy by creating jobs now for redundant council employees.

The same twisted logic tells the Government that the best way to get local regions to grow their economies is to centralise the funding, the ultimate decision-making and the business support in London.

Manufacturing can make a major contribution to Britain’s post recession recovery and job creation – but only if we invest in growth and skills first.

City regions like Sheffield can do what’s necessary to fuel local economic growth – but that can only be achieved when they have the decision-making power and the funding to do so.

Real test will be in the months ahead

THE new Labour administration in Sheffield is certainly hitting the ground at a fair speed after announcing that it will honour its pre-election pledge to restore funding to the Graves Gallery in the centre of the city.

A proposal to close the gallery completely led to a public outcry which brought about a last-minute change of heart, though this still included reduced opening for the art space.

Now the new leader of the city council, Coun Julie Dore said Labour would reverse budget cuts and will now hold talks with museum administrators to see how much will be needed.

People will be pleased to hear this but this is a relatively easy option compared with other cuts facing the council. The real test will be in the weeks and months ahead.

Deserve applause

SHEFFIELD is blessed to be the home of a massive pool of talented folk who are the backbone of the city’s amateur stage scene.

The jewel in our crown has to be Manor Operatic Society, which is once again filling seats at the City Hall with a series of sell-out shows, this time featuring the magical music of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel.

The present cast and back-room crew are worthy successors to a long line of society stalwarts who have put smiles on generations of Sheffield folk’s faces.

And we are sure they will be the first to echo the view that they are just a small part of a wide circle of non-professional theatre groups who devote months of their precious time just so theatre goers can be entertained for a few hours. All should take a bow.