Governing bodies want to save cash

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I NOTE that of late there have been several complaints regarding the caring profession, nurses carers etc.

I would like to put the case over from the nursing and caring staff’s point of view.

I have been a qualified nurse for nearly 30 years, having worked my way from nursing auxiliary (as we were called then), to staff nurse.

No-one I have ever encountered has come into this very difficult role in order to harm people, quite the opposite.

People enter nursing wishing to help and care for others. I agree that there will always be the odd one with no empathy, sympathy and caring, who just fulfil their work for the salary at the month end.

But does the public ever appreciate that their relatives in hospital, care homes, residential homes are very trying persons.

The main issue being that staff levels are being cut to the quick, not only in the NHS, but also private care homes.

This then places the carers under much duress.

The elderly that most of the articles in The Star are about are mostly abusive and uncooperative.

We can be hit, spat at and the rest. It is extremely difficult to not be stressed when these things happen day in day out.

Medication and food is often refused. I appreciate that given dementia, some people do not realise what they are doing, but all the time we are shot at by their relatives who know that they cannot deal with them at home and in some cases do not wish to.

Instead of blaming good hard-working staff who genuinely do care, they should look to the governing bodies who ‘rule the roost’ with regard to next to no staff, just so money could be saved for them.

I feel very strongly regarding these complaints. This job is not very easy and we battle on, working long hours.

Would people just think of our feelings?

Jill Allen, RGN Staff Nurse