Govern us with common sense

WHEN are we going to get someone to govern our country with common sense?

Thatcher sold our heritage away. Blair took us to war. Brown thought we all lived on fantastic wages.

My grandson, aged nine, went back to school and was sent home because there was no heating. The rest of the week there was limited heating and he had to sit in his coat.

When is someone going to wake? We all want our children to have a good education, but not if it means being in debt at the end of it.

My solution is: give people jobs and train them while in work. This will get our economy growing.

Cameron said bankers were going to have bonuses, but not much. What planet is he on? Sack all the staff in the main banks and recruit people with brains.

Mrs W Rose (pensioner sick of listening to tripe on the radio and TV), S17.

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