Gough says vote no to AV

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Cricket legend Darren Gough today urged voters to ‘vote no’ in the referendum on electoral reform.

A referendum will be held on May 5 to decide whether to replace the current first-past-the-post voting system with the alternative vote.

Darren said: “I talk sport every single day, four till seven, so I know a level playing field when I see it. In cricket, you’re either in or out.

“So when I played cricket for England, when I was given out, I had to walk, I had to go. You didn’t get a second chance, so why should it be any different in politics?

“In cricket, we have what they call the corridor of uncertainty, and if you vote yes to AV, that’s exactly what you’re getting, but in politics. ”

Darren, a previous winner of Strictly Come Dancing, recently turned down an invitation from David Cameron to stand for parliament in the Barnsley Central by-election.

The Prime Minister rang the fast bowler to make the overture - but Gough is said to have thought it a prank and hung up.