Gossip for protection

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KNOW what I heard yesterday?

Apparently, studies have proven that women have an evolutionary ‘need’ to gossip.

In the same way that men are programmed to be ‘hunter gatherers’ and procreate, it seems we are biologically REQUIRED to be gossipy and catty.

Apparently, back in the day when we were all wearing fur wraps and staying home with the babies while daddy went out to swing his club around, women gossiped as a way of ‘protecting their community.’

They gossiped about other women’s sex lives, housekeeping and mothering skills and indiscretions with men in neighbouring caves.

These things were all considered to threaten the families and marriages of other women living in the community.

In that respect, we haven’t come very far, but at least we now know it’s an inbuilt impulse.

So we shouldn’t feel bad when we gossip about the brazen harlot who lives on the corner of the street, or the (non-existent) length of the new girl’s skirts at work.

Or what the hell X Factor’s Tulisa was thinking with that ridiculous outfit on Saturday night.

Oops – was that bitchy?

Sorry. It’s in my nature.