Good old fashioned fun and memory-making at the seaside!

Fun on the train, on the way to Peasholm Park
Fun on the train, on the way to Peasholm Park
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If you find yourself in Scarborough this summer, taking in the awesome sea life, be sure to make the most of your trip to the seaside.

After a fantastic few hours at Sea Life, we hopped on board the North Bay miniature railway train for a trip down the coast, soaking up the beautiful scenery, to Peasholm Park, where we took in all the sights before refuelling with delicious homemade ice cream and catching the last train of the day back.

After that, we hopped in the car and drove down the coast to Sandside, where we indulged in waffles drizzled with chocolate, bought plenty of souvenir rock for the folks back home, and stocked up on 2ps to hit the slot machines in the amusement arcades. We took photos, and let Imogen have a go on every roadside ride we came across (of which there were plenty!) It was a great old-fashioned day out, doing all the same things I remember doing with my parents when I was that little.