Good news in clubland

Firth Park Working Men's Club, SheffieldFirth Park Working Men's Club, Sheffield
Firth Park Working Men's Club, Sheffield
I enjoyed reading in last Saturday's Retro about the success of Firth Park WMC,a club I use myself.

It makes a refreshing change from all the doom and gloom stories of late.

It is even more remarkable considering that in the S5 area consisting of Firth Park and Shiregreen there is not one solitary pub left standing.

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There is a similar story occurring at Hartley House Social Club on Bellhouse Road, Shiregreen, a club I also frequent.

This club was so much in debt, over £100,000, that it was on the brink of extinction, when a handful of members took it upon themselves to try and resurrect the place, and resurrect it they did.

They not only paid off the debt but are now in the ‘black’.

It truly is a remarkable turnaround.

The place is now newly decorated, they have live entertainment every weekend, reasonably priced drinks, a pensioners’ trip and children’s trip every year.

They have snooker and games teams in the local leagues, two fishing clubs and even their own golf society.

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You really have to take your hat off to these selfless, hardworking people at both clubs.

On the down side, you don’t get many young people joining working men’s clubs and that’s why our clubs are gradually dying off.

All I can say is, they don’t know what they’re missing.

Ted Fowler

by email