Good news for older patients

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THE national report which has cast a bleak shadow over hospitals across the country over their treatment of elderly patients will have disheartened any readers with an aged relative currently in hospital or soon to need treatment.

But we are delighted to report that the Northern General Hospital, which was inspected as part of the Quality Care Commission study, emerged with no stain on its character. In fact, the report said it had found no cause of concern over the way elderly patients are cared for at Sheffield’s largest hospital.

Doncaster Royal Infirmary similarly was given a clean bill of health but the same cannot be said for Barnsley District General Hospital, which was criticised for the quality of nutrition on offer to elderly patients.

While the national picture gives cause for grave concern and immediate action, we are delighted that the Northern General Hospital is doing so well, not simply for the sake of the city’s reputation but also for the welfare of the patients who put their trust in the hospital and its staff.

Vets sound their final last post

AS the years pass, it is inevitable that the region’s associations for World War Two veterans will begin to fall by the wayside. And that is the case with the Coastal Forces Veterans’ Association which has held its final meeting.

In its heyday, the organisation had around 200 members but today there are fewer than a dozen of the stalwarts.

These men patrolled our coastal waters during the dark days of the war when the forces of fascism were attempting to probe our defences.

The association, formed in 1979, will have helped keep alive the camaraderie of those wartime years and we are sure that some of the friendships will endure even though the association has sounded its final last post.

Rivals - still pals

THE passion for football in this city - never far below the surface - reaches boiling point when the two rival clubs face each other in a local derby. Such an occasion is with us this weekend and already expectations are high for a classic game. Unfortunately it is also taken as an excuse by some elements from both sides of the city to cause trouble. However, they are in a minority and we are delighted to focus today on two women who are divided by football loyalties by united by personal friendship. Louise Foster and Caroline Porter are a shining example of how to put Sheffield’s passion for football into perspective and to show how rivals can still be pals.