Good neighbours needed for Sheffield project

Launch of S6 website Neighbours Can Help, which aims to help people trade skills and kindness.
Launch of S6 website Neighbours Can Help, which aims to help people trade skills and kindness.
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Everybody needs good neighbours to give a helping hand from time to time.

Those next door can be a lifeline when a parcel needs taking in or the cupboard is short of a cup of sugar.

Now Sheffield social enterprise Neighbours Can Help is hoping to make doing good deeds – from borrowing tools to picking up shopping – even easier.

The venture will bring together neighbours and local communities with the launch of its website – where residents can request or offer help safely online – this weekend.

At first the idea will focus on the S6 area, but it is hoped the scheme could expand.

Justine Gaubert, engagement manager at Neighbours Can Help, said: “Sheffield is renowned for the kindness of its people.

“Most people would gladly help a neighbour if people’s needs were more visible - we are more likely to connect online than we are to go and knock on the doors of complete strangers.

“We believe that the website will be a great way of building upon the natural kindness of Sheffield people.”

The website, at, is to be launched on Sunday.

Cupola Art Gallery in Hillsborough has done its neighbourly duty by offering a venue for the event, which is open to anyone who wants to know more.

Visitors will be able to find out more about how the website works and get tips and free materials to get neighbours and community groups using the site.

John Pickin, founder of Neighbours Can Help, said it was hoped neighbours coming together would create more resilient communities as cuts to services continue to bite.

He added: “Although the site aims to become national in time, we are having our first real push in Sheffield.

“The S6 area is the first to go live, but any area can go live if people get enough of their neighbours to sign up.”

The launch takes place from 6pm to 8pm on Sunday.