Gold top for David, best milkman in UK

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I’NT MILK brilliant!

David Watson from Sheffield certainly thinks so - after proving he’s the cream of the crop to be named the best milkman in Britain.

David, from Beighton, was named Milkman of the Year 2011 in a competition run by Dairy UK.

The 30-year-old delivers milk and groceries to more than 460 households in Beighton, Totley, Killamarsh and North Nottinghamshire, starting work each day at 2am.

He was nominated by hundreds of customers to become one of only five finalists, before taking the top prize.

Modest David said: “The competition is not just about being the best milkman, but also the milkman with the best customers. I have built up a great rapport with my customers over the years.

“They are more like friends and, because I start my round so early in the morning, I am the eyes and ears of the community. The best thing about being a milkman is definitely my customers. I really am over the moon!”

For the past 10 years, come rain or shine, David has delivered milk and daily essentials straight to people’s doorsteps.

He was nominated for his devotion to the job, his cheery smile, and his willingness to go beyond the call of duty by helping out the community.

Tony Jackson, manager of the milk&more depot where David is based in Mansfield, said: “There are over 1,500 milkmen just in our company, and this is a national award.

“We really are proud of David and what he’s achieved.

“The effort he puts in and the time he spends with his customers means he really is a great milkman.

“He takes the extra step, helping out pensioners, putting their milk in the fridge for them, that kind of thing. He really is an unsung hero.”

Awards organiser Edmund Proffitt said: “These days milkmen deliver much more than just the daily pint, and they not only supply customers straight to their doorsteps. They are a familiar, trustworthy face to many customers.

“David is what the milk industry is all about. His customers are his friends and he always goes that extra mile to keep them happy. He relishes the community spirit and has lots of passion and enthusiasm for the job.”

The Milkman of the Year awards not only showcase the best in the industry, and recognise the talent of workers, but are a chance for the public to be reminded of the heritage of milkmen, and their unique part in British culture.

As well as his title and certificate David, a keen hockey player, received a cheque for £1,250 in recognition of his stellar work.