Going hell for feather to keep youngsters out of trouble - VIDEO

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PIGEONS are the latest recruits in the police’s battle to keep youngsters out of trouble in a village near Doncaster.

Epworth based policeman Mick Tune has set up a pigeon loft in the village in a bid to give youngsters the chance to race the birds instead of getting into trouble.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch our video report.

Sessions learning about racing are being offered to youngsters who are either excluded from school or are at risk of being excluded.

Mick calls the project Flying High.

He said: “The kids can be a handful at school, but when they come here it’s different. You mess about and the birds get upset. You have to get up in the morning, and you have to feed and water them, otherwise the team isn’t gong to function properly.

“It gives the kids a chance to learn new skills.”

The scheme has support from pigeon racing’s North East Provincial club, which includes groups in Hatfield, Thorne and Stainforth.