Go to an EU country

So, once again the Remain voters and supporters are going against a democratic vote to get out of the EU.


Now, totally out-of-touch idiots at the top of society are ruling against Brexit.

Any MP who goes against the vote by the people, should lose their seat.

People like me who voted out, are being called racists etc. I am not racist, I am a realist.

We must get our means to rule ourselves back.

We must have control of the money we give to Europe, to spend how we see fit.

Immigration must be all but stopped, as our infrastructure just cannot cope.

More houses equals more roads, cars and other transport. More houses will require more water, gas, electric, drainage/sewage.

Our services including NHS, police, fire service, schools etc can’t cope.

Why do we need immigration in its present form?

We have 1.7 million out of work. Get these working first.

It’s time that our democratic will was adhered to.

Those who wish to be part of EU, if you want it that badly, leave this country and live in an EU country elsewhere and leave the rest of us to get on with sorting our country out.

We can also start trading with the rest of the world.