Go-ahead shows courage and vision

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Congratulations to the city councillors who sit on the planning committee for showing the courage and vision to support the planning application by the University of Sheffield to build a world class engineering faculty in the city.

I listened to the parochial objections from those who have the luxury of living in the leafy suburbs where unemployment is virtually non-existent and whose narrow vision was all about an outdated piece of architecture.

It was always about more than a building, it was about the creation of hundreds of much-needed jobs, the identified £40 million a year recurrent investment into the city and sending a powerful signal out to the world that Sheffield is open for business.

A rejection of the application would have had catastrophic consequences for the city at a time when we face one of the worst recessions since the 1930s

As the vice chancellor said in his presentation to councillors this development will ensure that the university and the city of Sheffield will have an engineering faculty that will be in the top five of engineering faculties anywhere in the world.

It will attract first- class students, many of whom will make Sheffield their home creating a pool of talent that will encourage businesses to invest in the manufacturing base of the city.

Among all the economic woes faced by the country this is good news for the city of Sheffield and its people.

David Smith, Woodlane Close, Sheffield