Go-ahead for fencing to keep yobs out of complex

Plans to erect a metal perimeter fence to keep yobs out of a housing complex have been approved by councillors.

Thursday, 26th May 2016, 9:42 am
Updated Thursday, 26th May 2016, 9:48 am
Longfellow Road, where residents of a bungalow complex have been having problems with anti-social behaviour. St Leger Homes, who own the properties, have now submitted a planning application to build a 1.2 metre high metal fence around the area, which also includes homes on Herrick Gardens and Sheridan Avenue

The proposal for a 1.2 metre high fence around the complex, which includes bungalows on Herrick Gardens, Longfellow Road and Sheridan Avenue in Balby, was approved by Doncaster Council’s planning committee.

A spokesman for St Leger Homes, which owns the properties, say they are now looking into building it as a matter of urgency.

Deputy chief executive Judith Jones said: “St Leger Homes is treating this fencing work in Balby as a high priority.

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“Within the last few days we have received confirmation that the planning permission we required has now been granted and we will now be writing to all affected tenants to advise them of the details of the work including the dates for completion.”

The need for a fence arose from issues with anti-social behaviour – which one resident says has been on-going for more than 20 years.

Harry Stewart, aged 89, who has been living in his home on Sheridan Avenue for 24 years said: “It’s been terrible. For the last 22 years I’ve had nothing but trouble, trouble, trouble.

“There was one time about four years ago when I got myself all worked up and I thought I was having a heart attack. I had to be taken in to hospital and they said I’d just got myself all panicked.”

The grandfather-of-one said he was now satisfied and looking forward to the fence being built.

“It will make all of us feel much safer and it would stop them being able to get near anybody’s home.”

The proposal submitted to the council’s planning committee states the fence will create a ‘defensible space’ for the residents.

A St Leger Homes spokesman defined the ‘defensible space’ as ‘an area that, once closed in via fencing, will give the tenant a sense of ownership and increased security.’

“The scheme should reduce the amount of anti social behaviour and dramatically increase tenants’ sense of safety,” he said.

It is unknown exactly when the fence will be built.

Plans for two further ‘defensible spaces’ were submitted to the council earlier this month in response to anti-social behaviour.

If the applications are approved a 1.2 metre high metal fence will be built round bungalows on Filby Road, Ramsworth Close and Ormesby Crescent, Cusworth and also bungalows on Stapleton Road, Warmsworth, after tenants in both areas reported problems with youths knocking on windows and banging balls against walls.