Gluttony, a deadly sin

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Two greedy-guts in Brighton got banned from an all-you-can-eat restaurant last week - for eating all they could eat.

Andy Miles and George Dalmon, a rugby player gone to seed, regularly scoffed five bowls of stir-fry apiece and got turfed out for being ‘a couple of pigs.’ Presumably they bounced.

An infringement of the trade descriptions act? True. But the all you-can-cram-in buffet gannets deserve to get it in the fat neck(s).

In fact, why do we allow these disgusting orgies of over-indulgence to carry on?

The nation has an obesity crisis on its hands; we’re rearing an entire generation of kids who will never see their feet.

Restaurants needing more trade should appeal to our pockets, not our greed.