Glenn pride at going from couch to 5K

Fitness role model Glenn goes from couch potato to run leader
Fitness role model Glenn goes from couch potato to run leader
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When Glenn Hodkinson tipped the scales at 18 stone, he knew if was time to do something about his weight.

Suffering health problems, including high blood pressure, Glenn, from Parson Cross, decided he needed tot ake action and pull himself out of the rut he was stuck in.

But there’s no way the 36-year-old could have known that, just two years later, he would be leading a community running group using his own story to inspire others to shape up and go from couch to 5k in 12 weeks.

Glenn, who works for Sheffield City Council, said: “I started my health and fitness journey 18 months ago. I knew I was overweight but needed help to get me out of the cycle of unhealthy living so I asked my GP for some advice.”

Glenn was referred to a health specialist and, through a combination of dietary advice, healthy eating and a community exercise class in Shiregreen, Glenn soon noticed the pounds falling away.

“I lost three stone in three months, which was incredible, and gave me the motivation to try new things like cycling to progress my physical fitness,” he said.

“I became very active in a running club and was extremely proud to be chosen by English Athletics to take part in a run leaders course in the city funded by Concord Sports Centre.

“I couldn’t believe that someone like me, who was so overweight and self-doubting just a few months ago, now had the confidence to lead the Concord Trailers - a group couch to 5km programme and help others to achieve their goals.”

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