Giving children opportunities to develop their musical talents

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MY eldest daughter is forever singing and dancing round the house and most recently she has started whistling too.

However, unlike her tone-deaf mother she can hold a tune quite nicely and picks up music really easily. She has what my mother terms a “musical ear”. Naturally she claims this is inherited from her. “Well I did train to be an opera singer, remember?” she said to me when I guffawed one time in response.

Actually she is probably right. Both my mother and mother-in-law do have beautiful singing voices and I have enjoyed sitting through many performances of their respective choirs.

My father is also an accomplished pianist and would have happily done this as a career I think had it not been for his pushy mother making him become a doctor instead. It makes me wonder what they would have thought of one of my best friends who is quite a well known pianist.

Funnily she has managed to craft quite a good career out of it.

Two weeks ago I took my eldest along to an audition for the “The Sound of Music”. I was worried that she wouldn’t cope with the rejection that was bound to follow. However she did a brilliant job and I was so proud of her. And she didn’t seem to be particularly bothered that she didn’t get a part. There is always next year…

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