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Along with many others from the red half of Sheffield, I was very disappointed to learn that United had appointed Danny Wilson as our new manager.

I base this on his managerial track record. As an engineer, whenever I apply for a new position the client invariably wants to know if I have a proven track record.

With his previous six clubs, his total wins percentage was 39%. At no single club did it ever exceed 47% and was as low as 28%. Although over the years he has enjoyed a modicum of success it is far outweighed by the number of relegations under his stewardship

Until recently I’ve always felt that Kevin McCabe has been one of United’s better chairmen but this is beginning to wear thin and this appointment is not a step in the right direction, only serving to support the widely-held view among supporters about lack of ambition

It’s going to be a long hard season. Do something now, Kevin and think again before fans vote with their feet

Keith Munton, Fanshaw

Way, Eckington

What’s wrong with Blades supporters? They accepted Derek Dooley and he played for and managed Wednesday. They even erected a statue of him. They might do one of Danny if he does well.

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protesting fans should give the man a chance. He could be just what we need.

Blade through and though

I CAN’T believe the scenes at Bramall Lane. Danny Wilson is a good manager. Judge him at the end of next season. Yes he has blue in him, but he also had Barnsley’s red and look what he did in his first season. Get behind your new manager and we will see you next season at the B2 Net Stadium, you moaning dee-dars.

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fellow Blades up in arms over Danny Wilson should forget the past and his connections with S6. If we have a good start next season these same fans will be shouting ‘Danny give us a wave!’ It’ll annoy Owls fans even more if we get promoted under one of their old boys!

Dave S3