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EVERY day I visit the Daily Mail website to see what’s going on in the world. Well, ‘the world’ is a bit of a broad term.

If I’m honest, I never linger too long on stories of world conflict or the many tales of terrible things human beings have been doing to one another. The sports pages don’t even get a cursory glance and financial news barely registers on my radar.

But I do dearly love to read what silly politician has put their foot in it by saying what silly thing. I love to catch up on who’s marrying or divorcing whom, starring in what film or which book is bring adapted into a made-for-TV movie starring Vanessa Redgrave.

But I have my limits. Today’s shocking ‘news’ headlines consist of ‘Helen Flanagan dyes hair,’ ‘Kim Kardashian has curvy bum’ and ‘Heidi Klum eats pizza.’

I know we have a tendency to put celebs on a pedestal, but puh-leeze!