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A HUNDRED years ago this week, we were promised in Lloyd George’s Parliament Act, a second chamber in Parliament to be elected by popular vote, replacing the Lords. One hundred years later and still we have not seen this promise fulfilled.

However, there is now some possibility of movement. All three main political parties called for reform in their May 2010 manifestoes. A Joint Committee of both Houses of Parliament is considering the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s outline proposals for reform.

It was disappointing to see the option of 80 per cent-elected proposed. Only when the second chamber is fully-elected will the aspiration of government-by-the people be met.

We call on Mr Clegg to come off the fence and to support a second chamber that is 100 per cent elected.

Vicky Seddon, Sheffield for Democracy, S10

Animal skins

the story ‘Storm surrounds daughter of ex-Wednesday defender’ is interesting. But what is just as horrifying is that this child was shown relaxing on the skin of a dead tiger - a species endangered!

G Stevens

Costly tattoo

Having a tattoo removed (July 8)? Don’t worry about it leaving a scar, just worry about the cost. I spent £1,300 at a registered laser clinic to have one removed and it is still visible. I love tattoos but everyone should think twice before having one done.

Ann Taylor, address supplied