Give us a better parking solution

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My daughter had to take her grandson to the A&E department at the Children’s Hospital. Fortunately she had read about the new restrictions and got a parking permit from the reception.

After placing it on her car she went back into the hospital and was met by the triage nurse who said she had already been called.

It is bad enough having to take a baby to hospital without having to think about permits, at the time it is the least of your trouble.

I arrived about half an hour later to drop off the baby’s parents. Standing leaning on the hospital wall were two traffic wardens with pen and books in their hands, waiting to pounce.

I have read previous letters regarding this and hope a better situation will be sought.

Hoping sense will prevail.

Mrs J Swinburn, Wybourn, S2

There will be an accident here

WE frequently attend Morrison’s off the Parkway and travel by car via the Parkway and then the slip road, previously access to the airport.

As the roundabout junction is reached the view of vehicles coming from the right, under the Parkway, is restricted until the last.

Previously this view was obstructed for long periods by construction equipment, containers etc. Now it’s obstructed by the verge and a bridge under the Parkway. You take your life in your own hands as you turn right at the roundabout.

I have been meaning to write regarding the problem for some time, even when construction work was carried out which is a criticism of the design of the area.

It does seem to me that there will be an accident eventually.

D Dell, Staniforth Ave, Eckington