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I called in the “new” Moor market today, June 3, after work. I only had a tenner on me and wanted a few bits, so I thought “ooh, I’ll get myself a little piece of fresh cod for my tea”.

Had a browse and it was the third fish-selling stall as you walk down. They had about 10 or 12 pieces in the display. I asked for a small piece, about £2 in money, as I didn’t have much. The assistant weighed one piece £3.97, then another £3.64. I didn’t have enough money and she wouldn’t cut one or get a bigger piece from the fridges and cut some off that.

No wonder the market is struggling when customers can’t what they want.

Fair enough, I wasn’t going to make them millionaires ,but you would think they would be happy to cut any size the customer wanted.

Shaun Outram, feeling very miffed

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