Give our young people a sporting chance

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I was born in an Attercliffe terrace house, no hot water, no garden, no bath, but brought up to have good manners.

A lot of people couldn’t afford decent shoes and went around with patches in their trousers, so don’t let the do-gooders talk about poverty. I went to an ordinary secondary school, did not pass the 11 plus, left school at 15 with no qualifications, like a lot more kids, but I worked hard and live in a nice area now.

The first thing to do is get the police back on the street.

Open youth clubs doing most activities. Have sports in school time, have competitive games against each school, for children who do not like sport, let them do the things they like, drawing, painting.

If they misbehave during the week, you stop the activity they like most.

When I was at school teachers were allowed to give punishment, the cane etc. If you had a choice, it would be that, rather than stopping you doing the activity you enjoyedg.

Surely this would help to give discipline, a thing we seem to have lost, there is no respect for teachers.

Playing competitive sport against other schools should be encouraged, it is the finest thing you can do to give people a competitive edge.

At 17 or 18 have national service, not necessarily the armed forces, send them to camps to show them how to have more respect for everyone.

A Mitchell, Leadbeater Dr, S12.