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I feel that Bob Boblar, who described Jess Ennis as being “fairly good at some” (events) and a “Jack of all trades, master of none” is either being very uncomplimentary or is very much misguided.

Whilst most athletes train year in, year out for one particular event,or two at the most (100m and 200m sprints for example), heptathletes train for seven.

Take Usain Bolt for example. While he is a sprinting worldbeater, he would probably be a less than average athlete over longer distances, simply because he would not have the stamina.

Now let’s compare the times for two of the womens events. The women’s 100m hurdles final was won in a time of 12.35 seconds, an Olympic record.

In the same event for the heptathalon, Jess Ennis posted a time of 12.54 seconds, a world best for the heptathalon. Fairly good Bob? In the womens 200m final the winning time was 21.88 seconds while Jess’s time was 21.88 seconds in her event. Jack of all trades? I don’t think so.

Yes, Jess does have her weak events, all heptathletes do. You can’t expect any athlete to be gold medal material in seven very diverse events, and they train every bit as much, if not more than other athletes who specialise in one event. Heptathletes are more than just fairly good at some events, they’re damn good. So come on Bob, be a little more positive and give credit where credit’s due.

P Taylor, S9

n To Bob Boblar of Intake.You are obviously a male chauvinist who probably is unlikely to be able to complete any of the tasks Jess Ennis took part in to achieve her gold medal, so I suggest you crawl back into your hole and keep quiet. She has put Sheffield on the map for good reasons for a change so let’s honour this lovely lady.

BT, Sheffield 17