Give A Dog A Home: Make it a G’Day for Oz

Looking for a home: Greyhound-cross Oz.
Looking for a home: Greyhound-cross Oz.
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LIKE his namesake the wizard, this handsome hound is out to cast a spell on someone.

Oz hopes his friendly nature and beguiling looks will leave someone enchanted. And in reward all he asks for is somewhere to call home.

Tony Benham, RSPCA Sheffield branch animal care manager, said Oz will make the perfect pet.

He said: “Oz is a beam of sunshine and a gorgeous tan and white, nine-month-old greyhound cross whose appeal is immediate.

“He was in a very thin state when he came to Sheffield Animal Centre and it’s been marvellous to watch him grow in size and confidence.”

Oz has no known health problems and is not a fussy eater. He is described as a joy to be around. He is playful and loves people and other dogs.

Being young, he still needs to be educated and to learn a bit of self-discipline, so would be better suited to a home where any children are aged over 10.

Tony says Oz loves other dogs but, because of his breed, is better suited to a home without cats and other small animals.

Tony said: “This sweet-faced puppy will need an average of two lots of 30-minute walks a day, but more would be preferred as he is full of energy and bounce.

“The ideal home for Oz would be a reasonably active one with patient owners willing to spend a little time training him and allowing him to settle down.

“Oz could benefit from a home with another playful, active dog with whom he can roll, tumble and run off some energy but it isn’t essential.

“He would make a fantastic pet on his own and he is a complete joy to be around.”

RSPCA Sheffield Branch is open everyday except Wednesdays, and can be contacted on 0114 2898050.