Girls’ guide for The Sun

Modern Ms: Guides tell it
Modern Ms: Guides tell it
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Blue berets off to the Girl Guides.

Or navy baseball caps, the modern-day equivalent for our good deed adventuresses.

Our 21st century girls have taken on a contemporary new role - engaging in battle with the mighty Sun newspaper in a bid to end an antiquated and derogatory ‘tradition’ - bare boobs on Page Three.

Just weeks after proprietor Rupert Murdoch hinted he might scrap the daily pin-up, Girlguiding UK has written urging the tabloid to “promote positive role models to inspire girls” and stop treating women as objects.

The girls are saying - stridently yet politely - what we elders have been ranting about for years; that topless shots in a national paper are disrespectful - and make young girls think it’s normal to be treated as objects.

Out of the mouths of babes (a word used in many a sexist picture caption).

Sage words Brown Owl would have been proud of and the Sun should act upon.