Girls feel the pain at Glyn’s Gym

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THIS is a gym that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Not a glitzy place where you can while away an hour or two on a running machine showing off your £200 trainers while sipping isotonic drinks and watching the soaps on giant plasma TVs.

This is a place without pretensions, without poseurs, somewhere devoid of swank. A place where it’s possible to shed more pounds than you spend on fees. A proper boxing gym.

Welcome to Sheffield Boxing Centre, where the emphasis is on ‘no pain, no gain’.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays it’s ladies only at the Burton Street gym where women are put through the same punishing fitness routines as are the battle-hardened pro-boxers.

Trainer Glyn Rhodes knows the ropes when it comes to getting people into shape. Whether it’s a pro preparing for a world championship shot or a girl who just wants to get into her new skinny jeans, he knows how far to go and just how hard to push. Though to the onlooker it seems he pushes hard.

But still, all the girls in his classes – and they come from every walk of life, from policewomen to doctors – turn up week in, week out.

Glyn said: “It’s not Fitness First or Sam Jones. This is a tatty old boxing gym and I won’t have it any other way. We charge £3.50 a session with no joining fee. I train the girls just the same as the blokes. The only difference is they don’t get smacked in the face and end up looking like me!

“Yes, it’s hard, but they come back – so I must be doing something right.”