Girl, 15, pimped out and physically abused in Sheffield flat

Shane Whiteley, 29
Shane Whiteley, 29

A Sheffield man accused of pimping out and physically abusing a teenage girl branded his alleged victim a ‘liar’ and a ‘silly little girl’ in police interview, a court heard.

Christopher Whiteley, aged 23, Matthew Whiteley, 24, and Shane Whiteley, all of Weakland Crescent, Hackenthorpe, are accused of prostituting Girl C who was aged between 15 and 16 at the time of the alleged offences in 2009.

Matthew Whiteley, 24.

Matthew Whiteley, 24.

The brothers prostituted Girl C out to men, both in the red light district of Sheffield and at Shane Whiteley’s flat on Victoria Court, West Street, it is alleged.

Girl C told police that if she refused to have sex with the men brought to the Victoria Court flat, many of whom she says were of Kurdish origin, she would be subjected to physical abuse from the Whiteley brothers.

On one occasion, Girl C, who cannot be named for legal reasons, recalls being hit around the face with the hard knuckled area of motorbike gloves by Matthew and Shane Whiteley, 29.

She also alleges that she was tied to a chair and had cigarettes stubbed out on her at the flat.

A transcript of Shane Whiteley’s interview with police was read out at Sheffield Crown Court, detailing his claim that the extent of his dealings with Girl C involved her visiting his flat a few times to buy cannabis and seeing her in the city centre.

He said: “She’s been to the flat a couple or three times, something like that. She would come in, have some Bud and go.”

He added: “She’s just some silly little girl. She’s some little girl they, Christopher and Matthew, had been messing about with.”

When asked by police about Girl C’s allegations that she was forced into prostitution and tied to a chair by the Whiteley brother, he said: “Never once have I burnt someone.

“Never once have I tied her to a chair. That’s not my thing, that’s some dirty, dirty crime. I’ve got three kids and now social services are going to get involved because of some silly girl talking rubbish.”

He added: “She’s proper lying through her teeth. I don’t have any idea why she’s doing that.”

The Whiteley brothers and Andre Frances Edge are among six defendants standing trial for 42 offences alleged to have been carried out against nine alleged victims in Sheffield between 2005-2012.

The defendants deny all charges.