GIANT HOUSE SPIDERS: 6 top tips on how to remove the eight-legged beasts from your home

This spider was found by Star reader Sharon Richardson
This spider was found by Star reader Sharon Richardson
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Homes across the area are currently being invaded by giant house spiders looking for a mate.

This year's mating season is set to see record numbers of the arachnids entering homes due to the fact the summer has been wetter than usual.

But don't fear. Here are some top tips for removing the critters from your house, without harming yourself or the spider.

1. Stay calm. If you are on edge, it will be harder to catch the spider.

2. Use a clear glass or cup and a rigid piece of paper or card to trap the spider.

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3. Alternatively, you can gently sweep the creature into a dustpan.

4. If removing a spider from a bath, drape a towel over the side of the bath for the spider to crawl out, then shake off outside.

5. If the spider is up high, use something sturdy to stand on.

6. One you have caught the spider, take it outside and release back into the wild.