Getting the boot’s a good career move

Frankie Cocozza
Frankie Cocozza
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Frankie Coke-ozza, genuine Bad Lad or manufactured toy rebel, designed to appeal to the zillions who reckon they’re too cool for school (and X Factor)?

The postulating 18-year-old “wild child” has allegedly been slung out on his ear (don’t worry, it can’t have hurt; not with all that hair) for taking cocaine. Which certainly doesn’t fit the show’s normally squeaky-clean image. What would MARRRKS AND SPENCEEER say?

Cocaine aside (let’s hope), croaky Cocozza’s social life is no wilder than thousands of uni freshers in the land.

And hasn’t the series has trumpeted (and trumped up?) Frankie’s hard-living party lifestyle from the beginning?

This is beginning to look like the latest move in a carefully-orchestrated PR campaign. Frankie has already hooked in legions of sweet little teenage girls, with his drop-crotch pants, his panda eyes and his bedhead hair.

But dirty boy Frankie’s a performer with more potential than your average Joe McElderry.

Managed the right way, he could be a grungy rocker punk type and sell records to people who listen to proper music, like (no worries; the sweet, love-struck teens will remain faithful).

But his chances of being accepted by cool yoof go up dramatically if he get booted off. Sit and watch a record label build him a future on being the X-rated lad too bad for X Factor.

While we’re on the subject, will someone tell Kitty to get a skirt on? Us women are sick of seeing her in her tights and pants.